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maandag, december 31

castraat met ballen

mij werd door amazon.com gevraagd een recensie te schrijven over een CD die ik daar had gekocht, het betrof 'Carestini' van Philppe Jaroussky . Dit werd het .....
I never really liked counter-tenors, not even altus Michael Chance, the most acceptable in my view .
They seemed not to have the freedom to express feelings or color their voice - witch is unsderstandable, it is a forced voice .
But the Autheticity Time Police ordered counters better than soprano’s and mezze’s, so what could I do ?

I still kept wondering why the 18th cent. public went crazy for castrato’s - even then it was considered rude to chop someone’s balls off .
Farinelli and Carestini were then as popular as Freddy Mercury was in our days .
Vivaldi (Milan, Venice), Haendel (London!) and Graun und Hasse (Berlin) all had their great successes with opera’s with castrato-aria’s .

Than Philippe Jaroussky came along and all this fell into place .

I do not know what the trick is, probably his pharynx is at the one end of the normal anatomy, but he can use his voice as any operasinger .
He has an adult, very good, but just very high voice .
And it is a voice we do not know, but Vivaldi did and wrote for it .
Now we can hear what Vivaldi had in mind and why everybody wanted to hear their own chopped-off Pavarotti .